23 August 2010

Billy Has Classes Put On At Hunt Show

Yesterday i was off to Borrowby for The Glaisdale Hunt Terrier and Lurcher show.On the way we passed Miss Colin's favourite place "BUNNY LAND" she gets so excited.


Unfortunately there was no bedlington class's so after a quick word with the organiser i had a bedlington class put on,needless to say I was the only there with bedlingtons!

1st Issacc, 2nd Miss Colin, 3rd Minnie the Minx

Best in Show went to a Patterdale cross, we had a great day,the weather was great and a nice drive out on top of the North York Moors, even had time to pick some lucky heather to sell at work. Billy

Sounds like you had a really fun day, well done to Issacc, maybe  they will put on classes next year! Definitely gypsy in your blood gathering and selling lucky heather.


k9 said...

Well done Billy (Is the lucky Heather a go faster feature for youre car?) lol The K9 Marshal Crew

Tina W said...

Perhaps next year others will attend with bedlingtons now there are classes.

Trish said...

YIPES!! Don't let the bedlington drive the Jeep!

bill said...

yup go faster heather Ian,ive got you some