25 August 2010

Can You Help Vinny!

I have been asked to rehome Vinny, a 7yr. old blue dog, entire, needs a trim, pulls on the lead, doesn't like cats, had no contact with children, vaccinations up to date, microchipped, his elderly owner is ill and cannot cope, he has had contact with another dog in the family but when that died and another was bought into the household Vinny didn't take to the addition.
He is in the Swansea area, I have no one that is suitable at the moment. I am going away on holiday from AUG.29th. to Sept. 7th. Can anyone help either with adoption or fostering until I return from holiday? Frances Fuller 01559 384499

As yet No offer to help poor Vinny! He is not an old dog so if you are looking for a pet bedlington do give call Fances a call!


Madeline said...

Sorry Frances. I could have offered for a week's fostering of Vinny but am on a narrow boat whilst you are away.

Tina W said...

I do hope that someone can help Vinny-I know he sounds as though he's not that good but I bet he'd soon settle down.

Trish said...

I am so sorry to see that no one has offered to help out Vinny. I check here everyday hoping to see that he has a new home. I have 2 dogs I got when they were older and neither had been around cats or kids, but they do great with both! Someone need to give him a chance.