18 August 2010

Good Morning From Enid In Wales

Good morning, bloggers. Once again we had a very happy visit to a Championship Show with Solo winning Terrier Puppy Group Three at Bournemouth. Not many shows have a puppy group so it was especially pleasing.


It is surprising the things that are available for sale at dog shows. Anything from mere cats to garden gnomes and Noddy. I saw more than one Noddy being carried around to be planted in peoples gardens! I even bought a fantastic ski jacket there a few years ago.


The motor home has been cleaned and loaded for Thursday when we go to the Welsh kennel Club show at Builth Wells. Even though it is only an hour away we love staying on the camp ground at Builth Wells which has a relaxed holiday feeling. Tim spent Monday night as an emergency patient in hospital but was discharged on Tuesday evening. I hope he will be well enough to come on Saturday as he really enjoys WKC.
Maureen has enjoyed herself fishing with the Wallers and the Welshs' but her fridge broke so  that was a bit inconvenient. She gets back home today.
Ecco is a daddy once again. Esme, who belongs to Jen Lacey from Bristol, had five puppies last Thursday. The two little girls and one boy are spoken for but she has two smashing boys left. I'll ask her to send some photos when she has the time.
Finally, someone wrote on the blog last week about problems with Frontline. Three of our dogs have awful allergic reactions to it but Ecco is not affected. We have been using Stronghold successfully all this year. Lots of dogs had picked up ticks in Brockenhurst but we did not have a problem. Hope to see lots of you on the weekend. Enid

Thank you Enid, a very well done for your group placing, it must be exciting to go into the big ring with a puppy. Do hope Maureen had a relaxing fun time away she certainly needed a break. Congratulations to Jen and Esme I bet Jen is excited.  Safe journey to everyone travelling to Wales for the show. We are entered but not sure that we will be able to go so any photos will be very welcome.


J&T said...

This is the first time since we began showing, (I think) we will not be at Builth Wells. Shame, as it is one of my favorites and holds some very happy memories.
Hope the sun shines for everyone there and have a great day!
Jane xxx

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

We stopped putting any treatments on our dogs over 3 year ago.

See everyone at Builth.

Tina W said...

Good luck to everyone for Wales-I use dynamite spray on the dogs as it's natural ingredients.

Lesley 2 said...

A note from Stuart

We give the dogs a good bath in Vosine Medlicated Shampoo, it gets rid of all the hitch hikers, but be sure to rinse the coat thoroughly

Andrea from Neath said...

I am looking forward to Saturday too, sorry to hear you wont be there Lesley! What time would you suggest we get there by Enid?

Lesley 2 said...

Andrea, I am not sure if we are going to the show due to my Dad who is in hospital, providing he is stable and does not take a turn for the worse we will be at Builth. I see that we have Airedales in before us but don't know how many!

enid said...

36 Airedales beforw us so we should be on about 12ish

Donna said...

good look to all going to wales

k9 said...

Hi Enid love the pictures especially the ones made of the stone Meerkats (SIMPLES) lol The K9 Marshal Crew

Tina W said...

I use vosene too as it's far cheaper than t gel.