12 August 2010


Good Morning From The Northeast

Firstly i have say something on my mum’s behalf she would like to thank everyone at NBT clubs show for making her feel so welcome, she had a great day and loved every Minute. We had a great day with 2nd in Limit with Whisper and a 3rd in Post Grad with Piper. I then took them in the Brace class which was great fun and they looked great together and we won the lucky ring number so the dogs paid for tea. Could I just ask, has anyone used frontline file treatment and it stained there dogs coat? I always use it but this time its marked Piper’s jacket.The caravan hunt is still on i am leaving that in Ken’ s hands but will keep you updated. Well that is all from me this week if you are showing this weekend good luck and enjoy Julie xx


Do Not Disturb!

Thank You Julie we missed a very good show last weekend and of course a chance to meet your mum. Good luck to everyone showing at Bournemouth this weekend no CC’s just an entry of 10. Hopefully it won’t be long before ken finds a caravan, we will look forward to seeing photos of you and the dogs enjoying your first outing.


ed and rebecca said...

Normally it leaves a slightly sticky patch that washes of with the next bath, we've never had a permanent mark. Love the photo, I don't know why we bother giving ours a bed each.

Donna said...

one of mine stains with frontline, i little bit of chalk does the trick