14 August 2010

Good Morning From Skye

Its been a few weeks since my last report. This weekend we're set to have some summer weather up here at last, and I'm off work till Tuesday so plan to make the most of it.

Briagha had a dodgy stomach last week, and I was worried she'd ended up at the vets again so I starved her for 24 hours and then put her on a bland diet. It seemed to do the trick but I'm keeping an eye on her. She hadn't made any attempts to escape from the garden for months, but last night she decided to limbo dance under the gate again. Fortunately she didn't wander far, and waited for me to go down and let her back in.

Yesterday I visited the fairy pools here on Skye, and almost fell in the river that you have to cross on the way. I got some decent shots though and I enclose one for the blog. My trip to the Tatras Mountains in Slovakia will be coming up in October and I'm trying to get fit for the two hour hill walks involved, so the fairy pools was a good workout for me.  Marie


Wow Marie this photo does look like a real fairyland.  Wonderful scenery and Just look how clear and fresh the water is! Have a great weekend and enjoy your time off in the sunshine, it is very wet this morning down south. Pleased to hear Briagha is fine goodness only knows what she may have found to eat that upset her tummy. Unfortunately most Bedlingtons will pick up and eat anything disgusting. 


Trish said...

Glad to hear Briagha is better. The photo is gorgeous. Enjoy the sunshine!

Sarah and Tony said...

This is magical, what a lovely picture