16 August 2010

Good Morning From Tony, Sarah, Ossie, Ed, Jasper and Rosie

We’ve had another good week. Rosie and Jasper, like most bedlingtons don’t like the wet, and tried hard not to go for walks on Thursday and Friday. Here’s the gang enjoying their chews together.


This is so nice, because Ed and Ossie weren’t very keen on chews and always ‘wanted what the other one had’. In the past, we had to watch them in case of any squabbles. I assume that this improvement is because Rosie and Jasper enjoy chews more, and are focussing on their own. Today was much better, the sun came back and we went to the County Durham Game and Country Fair at Raby Castle. It was very interesting with displays from the working dogs plus the working birds of prey. We met quite a few bedlingtons, some that we knew and some new ones. Sarah

Thank you Sarah how nice to see them so happy and settled. What a lovely big sunny room, that sofa looks very inviting!  


k9 said...

We know what you mean Sarah when Jazz and Sapphire have their chews they always want the other ones chew lol from Ian, Jazz and Little Sapphire pups (The K9 Marshal Crew)

tom.chisholm said...

What a wonderful story. Rosie and Jasper still together and happy.

Thank you Sarah and family.

enid said...

How wonderful to see all four of them so contented.

Sarah and Tony said...

It is an old sofabed which is uncomfortable for sitting and sleeping, but the dogs love it for the keeeping watch out of the window and sunbathing.

ed and rebecca said...

Aaah! They look really contented.