25 August 2010

Good Morning From Wales

Good morning Bloggers. My photo today is Yvonne Bannisters team winning the Terrier Breeders Group at WKC. She is doing really well but the KC have altered the rules this year and only the top thirty winning breeders will be invited to Crufts so we are keeping our fingers crossed for her.


Tim had an emergency admission to hospital again on Friday night but he came home Tuesday afternoon and is feeling much better. I have had an email from Linda and Alma is walking and is very pleased with herself. She keeps looking for Fizz and Larry. Linda has been looking at the blog and thought the Pesky Rabbit was hilarious! Can you imagine her trying to take it as hand luggage to NZ? By the time you read this we will be on our way to sunny Scotland via the Dandie Dinmont Caravan park outside Carlisle. Hope to see lots of you there as there is a good entry for our judge. Enid

Thank you Enid, well done to the Miteymidgets team it would be fantastic if  they qualify for  the finals at Crufts. Safe journey to everyone travelling up to Scotland. The post code for the show is EH12 9DN  (which is for the airport) and then follow signs for Ingliston. Linda hope you are settled back home and got over any jet lag. Poor Tim, pleased to read he is feeling better, best wishes to you.  


J&T said...

I think it,s most ufair, can,t somebody send a beddie out to New Zealand so little Alma can have one of her own! Pleased to hear Tim is feeling better. Finally well done Yvonne, keep it up.
Jane xxx

Kierlander said...

Not a bad looking line up.... and the dogs look good too!!!!!

big mo said...

Poor Stuart and Ange that naughty Rabbit weighs a ton Enid fed him too much, good luck and I am sure yvonne has made it to the big one,

big mo said...

oops nearly forgot get well Tim I will give you a ring.

Tina W said...

Safe journey to everyone going north and good luck!