30 August 2010

Guess Where Ed, Ossie Rosie and Jasper Have Been!!!


I know as I have been told but do you know where you can see this old bus and tram?


Shell said...

Is it at the museum in Crich?

k9 said...

Jazz and Sapphire seid they have no idea but they would'nt mind a ride on the tram or the bus they look very nice lol The K9 Marshal Crew

karen said...

Is it Beamish?

Elaine & Ern said...


Been a while since we visited that place - will have to take another look soon - I hear the bird of prey conservation centre next door is worth a visit too - tho' I'm not sure they'll let a pack of Bedlingtons in!!

And to put the icing on the cake for you - the weather has been glorious here today.

Mac Lily and Minnie


Loks like the gang are getting some practice in for September.

I'll be putting more info of this on the blog later.

The Makem

Sarah and Tony said...

Yes we were introducing Jasper and Rosie to Beamish where they will be helping Derek and the Makem girls with meeting and greeting at the Agricultural show in 3 weeks time.