31 August 2010

Hello Bloggers

Well we just got in after our second display of the weekend and both displays went very well. The first display was at our own town’s carnival which was on Saturday. It  was very busy down the park with lots of people in fancy dress and spectators alike. When we  set the equipment up the people around the main arena were at least 6 people deep all the way round the ring! When we went in everyone cheered and clapped, the display went very well with Jazz being the clown of the team and Little Sapphire being the daintiest girl dog strutting her stuff on the dog walk (they are becoming very popular team members)!  When finished Jazz and Sapphire were surrounded by people who wanted to give them loads of fuss. 


On Sunday we all went to a local car boot sale to see if we could get any bargains but we didn't see anything that took our fancy. On Monday we set off to our second display of the weekend, near the two pictures. Can any of the bloggers tell where it is? The grounds to this place were very nice the dogs enjoyed it very much, every one did well. Today we did two displays one at 12 noon and then again at 2pm but in between most of the team including mum and myself enjoyed fresh cream cakes and a cupper tea. By the time we got home the dogs, mum and myself were worn out! We enjoyed our weekend very much and the weather today was nice sunny and warm. Ian and the K9 Crew


Where were we ? 


Lesley R Caines said...

Is it Ludlow castle Ian?

k9 said...

Sorry Lesley NO it is'nt but keep trying

k9 said...

Hi Lesley This castle is not far from Oulton park race track in Cheshire. Its Beeston Castle and its dog friendly

bill said...

i was just going to say that Ian