22 August 2010

Hello from Tricia On Oracoke Island

Sorry I missed last weeks report.  I have been having problems with carpel tunnel and have been trying to limit my time on the computer, as it aggravates it.  It will also keep me from grooming the dogs for a bit....  All has been quiet here.  The kids start back to school on Wednesday, so we will see a slow down in the tourist traffic.  It will be a much needed break....we have been incredibly  busy for the last 2 weeks at work.   We are all worn out.
The dogs have discovered a little black cat (a kitten I think) living under the house behind me.  The house has a crawl space under it and the dogs are determined to FIND THAT CAT!!  I swear Amelia has tried to crawl through a vent to get to it.  It is quite a distraction at potty time.  I am sure the cat is feral, so they will never get near it, but they sure have fun trying.  Still too hot and humid for anyone to spend any amount of time outdoors and I think the girls are looking forward to more fallish weather.  It will be nice to get them out more.  Even in the morning at 7 am it will be 85F and so humid you wring the water out of the air.  We have about another month to 6 weeks of this weather and then it should be less humid and more pleasant to be outside.  Until next time.


Thank you Tricia, not sure where the carpel tunnel is situated but hope it is not to painful. It is hard to believe we are nearly back to the short cold days of winter, I hate the long dark evenings. What a gorgeous sunset photo, the sea is so still not a ripple to be seen. I expect that feral cat will keep the girls amused so close but just too far away to be caught   


J&T said...

Cor Trish, that sure is sticky weather. Our weather here seems to be turning increasingly Autumnal. Nights drawing in and dark mornings are well on the way.

patricia said...

Gorgeous picture, getting autumy hear too in kent.

Trish said...

Ahh autumn, it wound get that way here until the end of Oct-beginning of Nov.