19 August 2010

I Have Got Two Questions About Bedlington Terriers.


The first doubt is about the colour of coat of blue Bedlington Terriers. One of my friend, he is a breeder in China; recently he bought a Bedie from another breeder. It is a blue Bedie, but the strange thing is, the dog is purely white. What I understood was blue Bedie will never show a colour as white as a sandy one? Also the white coat they have is actually like silver. But this dog is just too white and my friend has suspicions about the breed. Here are some pictures of the dog; he is one year and half old. As you can see, he is just too white. So can blue Bedie actually be such white??


And the second doubt is about the size of body. The same dog, his height of shoulder is about 45cm, which is too tall for a Bedie (usually smaller than 40). The other dogs from the same litter are all much taller than 38cm. Both of the parents are much taller than 38cm as well. Is it possible that the parents have been mixed before? All those appearances they have simply made my friend to question the breed of his dog. Chen

Thank you Chen, firstly there is no white as a colour in the breed standard. There should be  distinctive coat colour (not just skin pigmentation) with a lighter near white topknot. 45 centimetres is tall for the breed.

Click HERE For The Breed Standard


Tina W said...

Hi chen-what has the dog got in his tassels? 45cm is 17 3/4 ins, it is tall but I have seen dogs of that height in the UK.He certainly is pale coated.

Chen said...

Hi Tina
do you mean the wire hair?

Tina W said...

He looks to have something blue in his ear tassels

Chen said...

so which means this dog is fine? since he is a blue bedlington