06 August 2010

Introductions From Jasper And Rosie

Hi Lesley, The last 3 weeks have flown by. Rosie and Jasper are integrating well. Thanks for everyone’s support, I was very nervous the first weekend, wondering if we had done the right thing and how Ed and Ossie would react. Best wishes Sarah

Here the new guys are introducing themselves:

I’m Jasper, aged 11. I’m only a little guy, and have had a tough life until a nice lady on the Isle of Wight ‘rescued’ me 5-6 years ago. There I had a lovely time, living with my friend Rosie, with lots of walks in the woods and the beach. I lost my eye due to an infection. I’ve lost a few teeth, and those that are left are ground right down, from chewing stones when I was younger (according to the vet). What I lack in the looks department, I make up for with personality. I love people and company, but best of all I love my ball; I’d throw it and chase it myself all day, if allowed. I need to learn to share, I get a bit jealous if Ed or Ossie are having a cuddle, even though I get plenty of cuddles too.



I’m Rosie, also 11 and I’m Jasper’s best friend. We are not related, but were both rescued dogs and went to live together at the same time. I’m a nice gentle friendly girl and would love to sit at your feet all day. I also enjoy looking out the window and share the cat and rabbit watch with Ed. Eileen trimmed my face and ears last week, and Tony did my nails the week before. I find these things a bit stressful, but Jasper is kind and comes to sit with me if I’m scared.



How special these two friends are, they are so lucky to have found Sarah, Tony, Ed and Ossie who have welcomed them into their home. These lovely dogs are the lucky ones, goodness knows how many bedlingtons there are that we don’t know about who need rescuing or re-homing!


Agathasmum Louise said...

They are so sweet, it's great that they have found a new forever home to settle into.

Mary said...

aw that is sooo nice - brought a tear to my eye.

Carol said...

What a pair - i bet they get lots of cuddles.

J&T said...

Wonderful that you have given Rosie & Jasper a new home in their twilight years. Also credit to you for integrating them so well into their new family.
Jane xxx

Trish said...

A wonderful uplifting post from wonderful people. How special you are for giving these 2 adorable dogs a new forever home. There is something very special about rescue dogs. Bless you and your pack.

martin and julie said...

They look great and very happy. It's good to know they settled in with Ed and Ossie.

Martin and Julie, Jasper and Fosbury.

patricia said...

What a lovely pair, well done, thank goodness for a lovely home.

tony waller said...

Great to see that they are settling in.

k9 said...

Hello you two firstly welcome to the blog and secondly arent you both very cute and loverly we hope to see more of you on the blog and hopefully at the next fun day where we can have a special hello and cuddles Fron Ian,Jazz and Sapphire The K9 Marshal Crew


They are both lovely dogs. When we got to Tony and Sarah's Rosie was looking out of the window, her ears at this point were huge. After Sarah and Eileen trimmed them down she looked a picture.

And as for Jasper, he's canny.

The Makems

enid said...

We are so pleased that the story has such a happy ending.