09 August 2010

It’s A Very Small World

Thought I'd tell you about a surprise meeting at Tenbury Wells Agricultural Show Worcestershire. Walking around the showground I spotted a Bedlington Terrier and as you do made my way over to speak to the owners. They were  from Lincolnshire holidaying in the area. We got talking about their lovely liver bedlington I explained I too had a liver bedlington bitch called Megan. I asked how old her dog was to be told she had been born in 2007 I said the same age as mine. Where did you have her from was my next question . She explained she'd had her from Hay on Wye and had been put in touch by Kevin Mumford. Well it turns out that Phoebe is sister to my dog Megan from the same litter. It made my day to see another Bedlington in our area but to meet by chance my dogs sister is just brilliant.I've attached a picture of Phoebe taken at the show and one of Megan taken sitting on her favourite chair at home.  Best wishes Anne Jackson

07082010468 Phoebe

What a co-incidence it is unusual to meet another bedlington but just amazing to meet a pup from the same litter as your Megan.  I have to say bedlington owners do like agriculture shows, we have bumped into the odd bedlington at countryside shows down south. 


ed and rebecca said...

Wow, what a coincidence!

victoria,mr bojangles and baby rose said...

wow what agreat looking liver


Always nice to meet someone with a Bedlington even nicer when it's a long lost or unknown relation.

The Makems

Sarah and Tony said...

Lovely looking girl - do they look alike?

Anne J said...

Yes they look very alike Phoebe has slightly longer ears though. They seem to have the same temperament too.