10 August 2010

Jazz And Sapphire Go Banger Racing

Hi Everyone, Jazz, Sapphire and myself are just getting over a very busy Sunday. As you know we went to a Banger (Car) Meeting near Welshpool to do a bit of fund raising for charity.  We got up early so Jazz and little Sapphire could have a nice walk around one of the meres before we set of for the banger venue. Once there we made contact with the organizers who we know, put on our hi-vis coats and helped with the car parking from 10:00am till 12:00 noon. Then Wynn and Stoner (the two organizers) called us over and gave us 4 sets of flags to put on (the sets of flags contents were 1 yellow flag ( caution obstruction on track) 1 green flag (start racing/ obstruction clear) 1 red flag ( stop racing immediately) and for the starter of the racing a chequered flag (end of race) and 3 lap count down boards to let the drivers know how many lap are remaining. Once we were set up  we went for a drink.. Ten minutes later we got some good news Wynn and Stoner came over to us and asked if we would like to be the "RACE STARTERS" the ones with the chequered flag and we jumped at the chance. When  the racing got going I customized a very big earth moving tyre (which was concreted into the ground)  so Jazz and Sapphire could be with me and see the racing. We even got a mention over the I.A system that the " Race starters for today's meeting are The K9 Marshal Crew" Well the racing was great and it  was jam packed with spectators with 179 cars and drivers taking part in the event. So a very good day was had by all., Once I know how much was raised for the local charities I will let you know


We will have to have a banger meeting to raise funds for Bedlington Rescue. We even met up with Team Chaoz from last year and had a laugh with them (Hi Lads I know you will look at the blog to see your banger car)


Wow Ian what a fantastic fun day for the K9 crew, I would have loved to have a photo with you holding the chequered flag!


bill said...

great idea banger meeting for the rescue,i will start building one now

victoria,mr bojangles and baby rose said...

glad you had a fun time!
love from brother jack,granddaughter rose and victoria xx