08 August 2010

Jazz And Sapphire Meet Maude And Hercules!

Hi All, well its Saturday and today we are at Oswestry Show with the Whitchurch Dog Display Team and it’s a great show. This year other, then the team, they have The Dancing JCB Diggers topping the bill and they were on just before us. Once we were in the ring the crowd cheered us on which sent the dogs into overdrive and it was the best display of the year so far! Even little Sapphire went round the big ring 10 foot in the air (she was a true little super star) while Jazz stood on the side lines also cheering us on. Once the display was over we came out of the ring. Jazz,, Sapphire and myself had a big surprise for there were two families waiting for us to see the dogs and to give them lots of fuss and praise. Their dogs were called Maude and the other was called Hercules and they were Blue Bedlington dogs. They very soon made friends with the K9 Marshal Crew. So both families are going to see the blog and they were going to see about coming down to next year’s fun day to meet more people who have this very special breed of dog. We will send pictures of our Banger meeting tomorrow in our next report, by the way these two pictures are the K9 Marshal Crew watching the Dancing JCB's going into the ring and one of their new friends Maude, Hercules was camera shy! Ian and the k9 Bedlington Crew



Hopefully Maude and Hercules will join the blog and we will get to hear all about them. Well done to little Sapphire in the display and we will look forward to hearing all about tomorrow’s banger meet soon. The K9 crew certainly get out and about you must have loads of energy Ian.


ed and rebecca said...

Sounds like you had a great day, looking forward to hearing more of Hercules and Maude.

bill said...

still waiting for the banger pictures Ian

k9 said...

Hi Billy
The banger pictures will be in Jazz and Sapphires next report it was to dangerous takeing pictures on the infield dodgeing mad drivers driveing in all directions lol Ian,Jazz and Sapphire (Turbo pup)

ange said...

hi ian we met on saturday at the county show, you took a picture of our beddlington and put him on your blog but his name is elvis not maude!!!!! although that would be a great name if he was a girl!!

k9 said...

So sorry Ange, and Elvis my head was in a muddle after running around with Sapphire in the main arena Ian