26 August 2010

Meet Alan And Tilly


I saw one of your bedlington' that is to do with your site?... 'Teazle' at the weekend at  Mapledurham Royal County Game fair. She's the one on the left. 


I don't know if you feature the crosses but my dog is a 7 month old puppy,   'Matilda Whiplington' (Tilly) the 1st cross beddy/whippet  on the right. She's such a character! I'm Alan Hayball, an artist and I was exhibiting at the show.

!cid_5B9D8022-0F49-413C-9CA7-368C760274BF@local  Tilly at Three months


Tilly At 8 weeks


I draw and paint pictures of dogs, this is a pencil study I did of Tilly.


Thank you Allan and welcome to the blog. We  recently spent a weekend in Mapledurham at an agility competition, it was lovely camping in the field along side the river Thames. Tilly is not alone as we have many regular bedlington lurchers on the blog.

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Kierlander said...

Welcome to the blog Allan, Tilly looks adorable

karen said...

Hello Alan and Tilly, you are very talented Alan love your artwork!

Trish said...

Welcome to the blog Allan and Tilly! I am looking forward to hearing about your adventures together!

Agathasmum Louise said...

Hi Alan and Tilly, welcome to the blog.

patricia said...

Welcome, what a lovely little dog Tilley is, you are soooo talented.

Lorraine said...

The bedlington shown is not actually Teazle but our lovely little bitch Willow.

She did well in the fun classes that day, she won prettiest bitch and was second in best Terrier. It was a very fun day all round and nice to meet Allan and the beautiful and beautifully named Matilda Whiplington!

al hayball said...

Not sure how i got the name wrong!..But saw you at weekend at Stonor park, Willow, my apolgises...(now lets think..who was Teazle?..its old age you know!)

Thanx for all the other comments..a great site!