20 August 2010

The Miracle Of Birth (a bedlington story) By Jeannie Breslin (USA)

May this note find you well.    I've assembled nearly 100 photos, a pictorial of sorts, entitled "The Miracle of Birth,  A Bedlington Story".  It can be viewed as a slideshow or within an album, photo by photo.    You are welcome to share it with your members.  


I encourage you & your viewers to view the digital X-ray  in large format.   I still find it fascinating.  The album ends with the puppies at 12-weeks


Click HERE to view the album

Thank you so much Jeannie, these are just amazing photos, you’re certainly a wonderful animal photographer. I know the bloggers will really enjoy going through your puppy album .


Tina W said...

What super photo's the puppies are adorable-bet you had your work cut out with them!

Trish said...

Bravo Jeannie!! I love this album. Thank you for such a wonderful pictorial of the puppies progress. Now I have to tamp down my "puppy fever"!

karen said...

Lovely album how did you cope with all that lot!

Anne J said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful puppies. You must have been blessed to have such a super group.