16 August 2010

Polly Is On Her Way To Becoming Our First Bedlington Obedience Champion

Hi Bloggers,

Well on Saturday we had i bit of a get together at my house Denice came over with Dot and Polly for a bit of lunch. How right Dot is to say that Polly is a little Star She really put my two scruffy muts to shame. She looked immaculate having just been clipped but where she really shone was at the obedience. She walks on a lead like a little trooper, sits on command and even does a recall and finishes off properly. An obedience Champion in the making A real credit to Dot, well done! Julie

Thank you Julie what fantastic progress for such a young pup. Obedience training takes a lot of time and commitment. I am really proud of Dot and Polly. It is not easy trying to keep a bedlington pup focused for more than five seconds, well done.


enid said...

Keep up the good work, Dot and Polly.

Sarah and Tony said...

well done.

ed and rebecca said...

Well done, Hester went up a class this week.It's not easy with a terrier!x