07 August 2010

Polly Is Well On Her Way to Joining Dora in Obedience Competitions

Just an update on Polly & Dora.  Polly’s second obedience class went beautifully she behaved impeccably.  When I take the dogs out for a walk she will now sit at the kerb and wait.

Reedley DTC had trainer Audrey Whittaker (who has competed and won at Crufts) over for a Thursday evening to give us a one to one obedience training.  I learnt loads and the effect on Dora has been tremendous.  Even to watch Audrey at work instructing the more advanced was worth going for.  The club is now going to have Audrey over every 4 weeks as we all found it beneficial.  I have managed to get a late entry at Wakefield on Bank Holiday Monday where they have the last KC special pre beginners class.  Lets hope it’s a good day.  Have a good weekend. Regards Dot

Very good luck in the pre-beginners on bank holiday Monday, we are all so very proud of you. You are so lucky to have top trainers, I have stopped training competitive HTM as my trainer has moved out of the area. There are not many experienced trainers who are able to teach to competition level in our area.