10 August 2010

Summer  Enjoys Her First Walk

been a beautiful summers day today up in Consett, so we thought we would take Summer out for her first walk with TJ.  We had no problems with her walking on her lead, we kept TJ in front so she walked well behind him, but as you can see in the picture she has come home exhausted, hopefully she will sleep well tonight and stay in bed longer than the usual 5am. The McNally's


Thank you so much for the photo they look out for the count but I would not bank on “Summer” sleeping in tomorrow! Puppies very soon recharge their batteries.


tom.chisholm said...

Bedlington pups due like to snuggle. Great picture!!!!!

Sarah and Tony said...

Gorgeous. Nice to see TJ looking after little Summer

ed and rebecca said...

Sweet photo, Hester used to do that too.

victoria,mr bojangles and baby rose said...

aaaw summer looks so sweet!