29 August 2010

Sunday And We Say Hello To Tricia


Good morning bloggers.
We have had another uneventful week. Business is slowing down just a bit, which is nice. I will be nice to get the island back to ourselves when the season is over. Amelia has managed to lick herself ( on her little vulva) to a raw ,swollen mess. She must have been very busy Thursday night whilst I was asleep, because Friday morning she was miserable. So she has a "thing" I have managed to make to keep her from reaching it to lick around her neck. We have been cleaning it and putting antibiotic cream on it and vet is sending me some Keflex to give her orally, so she doesn't get an infection.....she has been beside herself! She is very sensitive to touch any way, and has been since she was a puppy, so any discomfort, however mild, drives her to distraction. I actually slept on the dog bed with the dogs last night to be sure so middle of the night licking was going on. I am seeing a slight improvement . I will keep you posted on this developing story with Amelia.
I am very distressed over poor Vinny who is looking to be re-homed. I do hope someone takes him in. Poor guy.
I am enclosing some photos that my neighbour across the street took of the dogs looking off the deck.....how funny they must look to people passing by.


Thank you Tricia poor Amelia, I wonder if she got stung! I do hope she is getting better and you can sleep in a proper bed tonight, do keep us updated! I love the deck photos, definitely entries for the next calendar photo competition.


big mo said...

great photo i like the dog with its two front legs through the fence.

jacqueline said...

lovely photo, they are all adorable. Not a one is barking for attention from the camera holder.

Trish said...

The one with her feet through the fence is Amelia. I am very fortunate that I have taught my dogs not to bark. Even the ones I got as adults, Rose & Storey, don't bark. Amelia is doing a bit better today, I can see improvement. Last night I slept on the sofa with her cuddled up with me. Another night of "no licking" has done her good. Meds should arrive tomorrow.

big mo said...

have you tried Piriton for Amelia I find them great if your dog has a sting or an allergy from food they seem to calm the skin down pretty quick

Trish said...

No I haven't Mo. Is it a prescription? I will certainly Google it & ask my vet about it. Thanks.

tom.chisholm said...


Your girls are quite the group. Always bring a smile to my face to see and hear about them.

Keep us in formed about Amelia.

Thanks for a good start to my week!!!!

enid said...

Great photo. How did you teach your doge not to bark?

Trish said...

Enid, that is a good question. I really don't know, except that I just never let them. Whem I got a new puppy, she didn't hear barking, so she didn't bark & then the same with the next. They just seem to know. Even the dogs I re-homed and rescued haven't barked since they came into my house, with no effort on my part, they just never have. Like I said they seem to know. I could make a fortune if I could write a book and teach this to others! But I wouldn't know what to tell them!

Marie said...

Loving the pictures Trish