08 August 2010

Sunday In Oracoke

Hello all, I just realized it was Sunday! And I had to get on the computer to find out!! How did I lose track of the week? The week started with getting the house back in order after the family left on Sunday evening. If I haven't already said, we all had a great time. I especially had fun with the kids and really miss them. Of course the girls have been resting up all week after all of the excitement and attention.....they loved every minute of it! My daughter-in-law, Emily, told me that Mina can come and stay for the whole summer next year....I hate to wish the year away, but I can't wait. She is 10 and we have such a good time together! I am going to look into activities for kids over the winter so she has something to be involved in to meet Island kids her age. Now that they are gone it is time to re-group and get started on the dog grooming, everybody seems to be very dirty & of course the girls will be thrilled to find out it is tubby & table time! Still very hot and humid here and work is very busy....the slow down will occur when the kids go back to school and then we will be invaded by the fishermen in the fall. That is all from here for now....not much happening, quiet and simple, the way I like it. The girls are asleep at my feet & Amelia is actually on top of them! the photos I'm sending were taken at the Pony Pen's that are maintained by the National Park service. My friend Laura is in charge of the ponies and the breeding program and the kids and I got to go and tour the pens and meet the horses. The horses are descendents of 400 year old Spanish mustangs that they believed swam ashore during shipwrecks off the coast, which is call The Graveyard of The Atlantic. A new foal was born in March so Mina and Cassie were very excited to meet her! Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)


Storey my rescue



Thanks you Tricia, your house must seem so quiet, but lots of wonderful memories of a very special time with having all the kids to stay. I really bet you are looking forward to Mina staying over the holidays next summer. I love the pony photos real mustang paint ponies from the wild west.


Trish said...

Not from the wild west Les. They came from shipwrecks off the coast back in the 1500's...the first English settlement here on the Outer Banks was on Roanoake Island in 1578, it is known as The Lost Colony, as all the inhabitants disappeared. The first English child was born there, Virginia Dare. We have a very interesting English history out here on this little chain of islands.

Lesley 2 said...

Thanks Tricia it certainly makes you think with the ponies managing to swim ashore from a wrecked ship. I wonder how many people survived the crossing!
What happened to all the inhabitants?

bill said...

i used to have a Mustang,it was a2.3 turbo cobra pace car

Trish said...

Much searching and research has been done on the Lost Colony and a ton of books have been written about it. They think they may have had to live with the Native Indians here as they mention blue eyed Native Indians and 2 story dwellings which were unheard of back then, except to the English. They feel perhaps they were unable to survive without their help and just sort of integrated into the Indians culture. It is an extremely interesting bit of history.

Sarah and Tony said...

Beautiful ponies, and a lovely happy Storey