17 August 2010

Tired Little Dogs

Hello all. its still busy here for us in north Shropshire in the week, Jazz and Sapphire helped me mow the lawns and then helped me to paint the front fence, where they were told not to  get any paint on themselves or their paws. So what did they do? Yeap you guessed it fell asleep in the sunshine on the front lawn and left all the work for me to do!  Then on Monday, since mum was still away, I took Jazz and Sapphire to their practice lessons for the display team where little Sapphire really enjoyed herself when it came to the Agility.  Once I finished with little Sapphire I went to the car and got Jazz out and went through it all again with him and when it got to the Agility part he was his usual mad monster self racing around being the joker of the team. He enjoys himself so much as does Sapphire but Jazz is a lot more nosier than Sapphire ( a typical boy dog) . So for the rest of the week we've been trying to finish the front fence off in amongst the showers of rain. Since Jazz and Sapphire have been so good on Sunday we picked our friend up (Tim aka Biggles who we go flying and fishing with) and went over to Whitchurch to see the next Grass Track Meeting, we all had a good afternoon packed with some very good racing . On Monday morning we all got up early to finish the fence as we only  had two panels to do. I got ready to paint went out to start and Jazz and Sapphire were once again fast asleep in the sunshine. bless them! Ian


Thank you Ian, hope mum liked the fence when she returned from the show!


Mary said...

Hi Ian ......guess what, he's bought another shell!!! i have warned him that each car that he buys means i get one more beddie pup!!!!! We have some great graphics from Viv for the Mex. Mx

k9 said...

Hi Mary what is the shell? hope its not a shell from the seaside ( ha ha ha ) you go girl and get a little Bedlie pup to chew the end of his nose and i cannot wait to see the Graphics lol Ian, Jazz And Sapphire AKA The K9 Marshal Crew