21 August 2010

Trying Their Paws At Something New!

Hello all, Jazz and Sapphire thought that the  Bloggers (who like Castles) might like to see Whittington Castle., This week has been quiet so Jazz and Sapphire went with their Uncle Ian to cut the grass.  Not only did they have lots of fuss and attention of the other volunteers they tried to pinch my sit on mower, with Jazz doing the steering and Sapphire operating the foot peddles. When they jumped onto it everyone started laughing and started saying that they were putting me out of a job as they looked better than me on it, to which I agree they do!


When we stopped for dinner they had an egg sandwich each and a nice cool pint of water.  Jazz and Sapphire decided to have a mad half hour by playing together on the freshly mowed grass lawn, everyone on the battlement looked over and watched them having lots of fun. They even tried to have a paddle in the moat until a load of ducks and swans came along and interrupted them.  It was then time  to finish  mowing the rest of the grass.  When we had finished some people came up to us and complimented us on how good the grounds looked and gave Jazz and Sapphire a load more fuss. We came home for our teas and relaxed for the rest of the day,


Thank you Ian, I think Jazz and Sapphire had a great time gardening and with this rain it won’t be long before you are back at the castle giving the lawns yet another trim!


julie o said...

lol that is a great photo can you send then up here i have some gardening jobs they get working on

bill said...

lawn mower race Ian ???

k9 said...

Well i would say yes Billy but that one has trouble pulling the skin of a rice pudding ( a snail has got more get up and go in it than that thing ) lol Ian, Jazz and little Sapphire pups