17 August 2010

Tuesday’s Midland Musings From Jane


Hi all,  I thought I,d explain, for those who don’t know, the workings of the Southwold Pier clock, that Karen's son was seen standing before. The clock strikes on the hour and half hour. It starts with the two figures in the tin bath at the top sitting up, subsequently the bath overflows filling up the toilet on the next level down. The two gentlemen on the next level proceed to drop their shorts and aim into the toilet placed between them, naturally kids, (of all ages) love that bit! Finally the trough at the bottom fills with water and the flowers rise up. Forgive me if the sequence is wrong only we haven’t watched it for some time. In addition there is an alternative amusements arcade called " The Under the Pier Show" , which includes such wonderful delights as " Rent a dog", "The Bathyscape" and "Beat the Banker" These fabulous creations are the inventions of the superb Tim Hunkin. Can’t wait till October for our next visit! Jane xxx 


sun, sun glorious sun!

Thank you Jane Southwold sounds just delightful a real Victorian seaside town that has retained all the old traditions. Do take some more photos when you visit in October.


karen said...

Hi Jane we would have liked to have seen the clock working but it was broke that day, its a lovely seaside place and the food we had in one of the pubs was second to none, my family live not far from southwold and its the first time we have been so its a must next time we are visiting x

k9 said...

Ahhhh the little Bedlie looks so wacked. But they do love loungeing in the sunshine lol The K9 Marshal Crew

J&T said...

The lazy beddie enjoying the sun is Stella on her holiday in Southwold, inbetween roaring around on the beach!
Jane xxx

J&T said...

Hi Karen, my mum has just moved into a bungalow in Reydon, on the outskirts of Southwold, my sister also lives there. I keep trying to convince Trevor we should move there too!!!! Maybe we,ll bump into you one day as we go down as often as we can.
Jane xxx