31 August 2010

Tuesday’s Midland Musings from Jane

Now I know it may be no big deal to some of you but our trip to Scotland at the weekend was an awfully big adventure for us! We set off from Worcestershire at some unearthly time on Friday morning and having miss judged it totally we arrived outside Carlisle well before lunch time. We duly booked in to our hotel, we had been advised the room was small AND so it was, very small! The location was lovely, close to the River Esk and the dogs were soon enjoying a walk along the riverbank in the beautiful afternoon sunshine.


Tired we retreated back to our room before venturing down to the bar for a meal, we had been told the girls could join us and they behaved themselves impeccably. Needless to say as most Bedlingtons do, they caused quite a stir with all the usual comments about poodles/sheep etc. We were warned there was a wedding party ensconced in the hotel and a lively night was expected so Trevor and I headed off to bed at an early 10pm. It was at 1am we were first woken up by the merry revellers return to their rooms and so it continued until gone 3am!!!!

We rose at 5-30am for an early start to reach Edinburgh in plenty of time as we were first in the ring. Despite feeling quite shell shocked we arrived remarkably refreshed and set our selves up ready for our go in the big ring. The highlight of our day was to meet up with Thecla & Danny who own Rudi, our Archies brother. Although we last met them some 11 years ago when they collected their new boy, we have been in regular contact ever since. Theclas family has owned bedlingtons since the 1940,s, many from famous kennels but none she recons have been quite like Rudi,( oh dear we do like to produce originals!!! lol) John Holden was our judge for the day and he picked an interesting selection for his winners, well done to Yvonne and Julie for the top awards. We arrived back at our hotel and braced ourselves,as another wedding party was due to celebrate their impending nuptials, thankfully this celebration went off with far less exuberance and was a much more refined affair. Later we took the girls down to the bar for a meal,( us not them, though they did get a small share of our scampi and chips!) It was at this point Stella was propositioned , YES Stella! A rather worse for ware chap fell totally in love with her! He was totally besotted, staring into her eyes and declaring his love for her. He even offered £200 for her which he advanced to £300 when we told him we were sorry but she was not for sale at any price! After a far better nights sleep and an excellent big breakfast we set off back home. It had been a heck of a long journey but a great big adventure to boot! Till the next time, Jane


Thank you Jane definitely a weekend never to be forgotten. How fantastic to meet up with Thecla and Danny after all these years, although you have been in regular contact I expect lots of catching up to do! I bet you were pleased to get home and back into your own bed and I know Stella is very pleased that you totally love her! It was certainly a weekend to remember.


Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Glad you got a better nights sleep on the Saturday & you got home safely!
Up at SKC on the Saturday night there was a rave from 3pm until 3am, non stop music in the big halls & outside on a fair that had been specially set up. We think there were over 10,000 youngsters at it.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

OOps, should read Sunday night!

enid said...

So pleased the noise didn't go on for too long and you had a good nights sleep. It's not often that hotels will let dogs into their bars.
It is a long journey up to SKC. Our sat nav said it was 398 miles from our house.
Did you and Jan enjoy the rave, Mark? Were they staying in those funny little huts?

tony waller said...


thecla said...

HiTrevor/Jane--So nice to meet up with you at the SKC Show last Sat.
Aren,t you the lucky ones being at 2 Weddings at "Faulty Towers"!!
Just thinking back to the very last Dog that my Mother had--one of John Holdens pups--early 1980,s--name Granitor Clansman--aptly named as the Clansman did the crossing between Ardrossan and The Isle of Arran during that time.
1946 was the year my parents bought their 1st Bedlington--hence the reason I am not familiar with any other breed.
Glad you and the Girls all arrived home safely.
Best Wishes to you,
Danny and Thecla

J&T said...

Hi Thecla,
I don,t think you could call it faulty towers as the staff where lovely and could'nt do enough to help us with the dogs,Not a Basil or a Sybel in sight, you just can't account for the guests that stay.
We have stayed at faulty towers but that was in Cypress and thats another story.
Give the boy a pat
All the very Best