11 August 2010

An update on south-Londoners Holly and Reg


Holly & Reg have just returned from a great holiday by the sea, and were gutted to discover that they’d missed out on a Bedlington meet-up in Crystal Palace Park. Happy Birthday Crispin ! As you can see from the photos, Reg has changed quite a bit since his last post in February. He’s still bossed around by Holly who, being an old lady from Battersea Dogs’ Home, doesn’t want to play chase anywhere near as much as he’d like. On holiday, Reg discovered he could well have been a seal in a former life, while Holly had a near miss on a cliff-edge, one particularly windy day. Both Holly and Reg are in top form thanks to the sea air and very long walks on the beach – all those seagulls to chase. All the best to everyone at the Bedlington blog ! Jane and Nigel Wiliams




It makes me very envious to see  the photos of the dogs having fun on the beach, if only we did not live in the middle of the country! Holly and Reg  looked to be having a ball running in the sand. I expect another very sandy car to clean when you got home! Thank you so much for the update.


tom.chisholm said...

Great pictures of the dogs. I have to say that that wonderful bedlington face.

I wish we were closer to a beach.


ed and rebecca said...

That looks like a great dog beach!

nicalias said...

Hi Jane and Nigel, Reg looks absolutely gorgeous! Crispin would love to meet him.
I don't know where you are in South London but we spend most of our time In Sydenham Hill and Dulwich Woods and Crystal Palace Park.
Zoe and Nic

Nigel said...

The beach at Whitsand Bay in Cornwall is fantastic for dogs- miles long. The only trouble is, you have to time long walks to coincide with low tide, otherwise you could end up stranded at the foot of the cliff when the tide comes in !

Hello Zoe and Nic - we're close by in Dulwich, so could easily meet in any of your usual haunts !