25 August 2010


We Catch Up With Ian And The K9 Bedlies

Its been a funny week for the K9 Marshal Crew. On Monday we waited for Mum and Brain to get home after their 3 week tour of the last 3 shows. I had  to help them push the caravan up to the front fence before we went for our daily adventures, ending up at Whixall moss,  we had a very nice walk of about 6 miles.  Then Monday evening Mum, Jazz, Little Sapphire and myself went dog training with the rest of the display team as this Bank Holiday weekend we have two ( yes TWO) displays. On Saturday we are part of our town’s Carnival in Ellesmere then on Monday we will then be at Beeston doing a display there. On our arrival at the training field we were called over to have a look at the new graphics on the trailer which are very good. On our way back to the car Mum and I laughed out loud because Jazz was sitting in the drivers seat and little Sapphire was sitting in the passengers seat as if they were going some where like the seaside!  


What do you think they are saying?

We will have a report on the two displays to let you know how they went. This  picture is of Jazz And Sapphire on a foot bridge over the canal on the Preece Junction. 


I think they are saying "Well Sapphire can you see the pub or the car ?” Sapphie replies, “no I cannot Jazz unless I can stand on you're shoulders, I'm only a small little girl you know"!  . Ian Jazz Little Sapphie  the k9 Marshal Crew. 

Thank you Ian, have a great weekend and enjoy yourself with the display team. The k9  team have so much fun with all their activities. Tell mum I hope to see her at Birmingham in a couple of weeks time!

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big mo said...

well you dogs get about you have a great life.