11 August 2010

Welsh News From Enid

Good morning Bloggers. As you can see from the photo we are still training them at a young age in Wales. They can't go down the mines but they can have a go at driving a digger in the National Eisteddford in Ebbw Vale!

Linda and Alma eventually left last Thursday but the storms over Asia affected them and they had to spend 24 hrs. in Bancock Airport before resuming their flight to Sydney. It must have been horrendous as they had to stay in the airport as all the hotels were fully booked. On a brighter note, Maureen and Elwyn have gone away in the caravan fishing for two weeks with Tina and Tony so they won't be on the blogg for a while. It will do them a world of good to get away and relax.
Diane Herbert's niece was in a five car pile up on her way on holiday to Cornwall. Their car was a right off but fortunately they had decided ,at the last go off ,to leave the dog with their mother otherwise it would have been crushed in the back of the estate car.
We were all set to go camping today to Brockenhurst for the Bournmouth Champ Show but when I looked at the schedule we aren't booked in until tomorrow. The van is all packed but we'll spend the time in the garden instead.
I'd just like to say congratulations to Donna on winning her RCC with Rathsrigg Millrace at the National Bedlington Champ Show last Saturday. It's a great feeling to get such an award and means the dog has a stud book number and lifetime qualifier for Cruffts. Well done !!!!


Thank you Enid, poor Linda 24 hours in an airport lounge with a baby is just dreadful. I can’t believe in the whole of the city a room could not be found! At least they arrived home safely even though exhausted! So nice to hear Mo and Elwyn are away, the break will certainly be therapeutic for Maureen. I am pleased for Donna he is a lovely dog and a well deserved win. Enjoy your break at Brockenhurst, I expect the forest will be busy but there are miles upon miles of beautiful walks for the dogs. What day do you show at Bournemouth?


J&T said...

Lesley I think you,ll be giving poor Monty an identity crisis. Well done Donna & Brian and BOY Monty! Lol!!!!!!
Jane xxx

Lesley 2 said...

OOPS Sorry I always thought you had a bitch, say ing this he is a lovely dog.

Donna said...