10 August 2010

Why Won't Daddy Let Me Back in the Car!!


Sunday morning and a trip to the beach for the girls. The Girst at Laugharne
was today's destination for running, digging for cockles and a spot of bathing followed by a roll in the sand. We were the only ones on the beach ith the eception of a blind bloke in a car trying to break the speed record for a blind bloke in a car on Pendine sands. What's the point of that? Eventually back home for a cooked breakfast of sausages and bacon even I had some. Clifford Evans











Thank you Clifford what fun the dogs had on the wet sand, I am wondering just how long it took to clean up the car!


enid said...

That's a very soggy, doggy. I hope you shared yiur breakfast with the dogs. They must have been hungry after all that sae air.

ed and rebecca said...

Mmm, we've got one of those and a car seat cover that's constantly in the wash!