30 August 2010

Yesterday At the Weardale Agricultural Show

Bedlington Dog


1st the black dog on the right, 2nd Isacc, 3rd the liver, 4th the Airview blue


Bedlington Bitch,1st Miss Olga, 2nd Miss Colin



Veteran, 1st Miss Colin, 2nd Lakeland


Best of Breed, 1st Black Dog, 2nd Miss Olga

Fantastic Billy what a great day for the Gypsian Team!


k9 said...

Well done Billy and the Gypsian Crew from th K9
Marshal Crew

Sarah and Tony said...

Well done Billy and team. We were there on Saturday and Ed got 2nd in the terrier class. Rosie was overlooked in the rescue class - her story wasn't sad enough, and I think they didn't believe her age when she decided to trot round the ring in the veterans.


WEll done Billy, see you at Wolsingham at the week end.

The Makems

bill said...

saturday is the working show and "cock of the north finals" at Wolsingham

Tina W said...

Well done Billy and crew!!

Sarah and Tony said...

The working show at Wolsingham is Sunday. We're usually there with the wallers on the Saturday, but fancy a change this year, so might get to see you

bill said...

yup your are right i got the dates mixed up with the CN qualifier

enid said...

Where were you last Saturday? Missed you at SKC.