08 November 2010

200 yard sprint racing....after a lure Diamond Flies The UK Flag

We had a beautiful racing day Saturday, although it got a little warm once the afternoon set it, and lots of new and seasoned racers. Joining us for the first time were Buzz the Bedlington Terrier, Samson the Scotty and Carly-Simon the Jack Russell. We had a record number of 5 Bedlingtons entered that day. Congratulations goes to the small but mighty Diamond who won all her races by a mile and took home some much-deserved championship points. Those little guys are great runners and we hope to see more of them in the future! Also collecting one more point towards his championship was Irish Terrier Druid; keep up the good work! Congratulations also goes to Didi the APBT and Opal the Rat Terrier on finishing their SR2 titles! These two dogs are the first of their breeds to earn those degrees; well done! It's just another milestone for them as well as for ABLSA. Official results will be available on our website shortly, but unofficial results are below:

reg#, place, name, owner, score
BED-002, 1, Diamond, Bernard, 22
BED-004, 2, Taffe, Bernard, 16
BED-003, 3, Booker, Bernard, 13
BED-001, 4, Hammer, Bernard, 13
BED-005, 5, Buzz, Mills, 9

Fantastic news well done to Diamond, for those of you who don’t know Diamond she was bred in the UK and is owned by Jeri who lives in California.  


k9 said...

Well done to all keep up the good work from the K9 Marshal Crew

enid said...

Congratulations! You must be very proud of Diamond, Lesley.