07 November 2010

Chilly Oracoke!

Hello everyone!
Today was the first morning of the time change and it was great to wake up at 7 am and have it be light.....tonight, however, will be different, with it getting dark by 5 pm....BUT I do love the early morning light.  The week here has been pretty boring.  We had a few days of heavy rain, it has cooled off a lot & yesterday when I went to work there were waterspouts over the sound and it was hailing, but mind you the sun was out!  I hope this isn't a preview of crazy winter weather to come.  The girls, though, seem to love this weather....they are so playful!!  Greyson is constantly ready to play fetch, and follows you around with a tennis ball in her mouth.  Amelia is always ready to play tug with whatever toy she can grab out of the toy box & even 10 year old Rose will get in on the tug action.  Goofy Storey loves to play ball with herself.....she throws it, chases it, rolls it around with her feet, and runs with it like her tail is on fire!!  As I have always said, she is the clown of the pack!  Since the night are chilly, it is funny to see how the dogs have changed how they sleep together.....now they curl up tight together and look like a dog collage on their bed.  Burrowed into their blankets and snuggled together, they are so cute.
Hope everyone has a fabulous week.  It has been so much fun to meet the new people and puppies on the blog.  Congratulations Les and Asha of your win...she looks lovely!

Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia  & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)

My Willo

Thank you Tricia the cool weather has definitely put a spring in your girl’s steps. With your shorter working hours  It must be nice to have extra time to play tug and ball and watch their antics. I love this photo of Willo she looks immaculate ready for the show ring! Are you family coming to stay this winter ? I know The girls love having visitors to stay.  


Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

i hate the dark nights, roll on summer........

ed and rebecca said...

What a knowing look! It's dark too early here, yuk! The only up side of the winter is putting the fire on.


Hi Tricia

We had snow flurries today and as Mark has said it's the long dark nights for us Northerns now. Dogs not,too happy that they are not getting out at night now.

The Makems

Andrea from Neath said...

What a wise look that is! And some of my family dare to suggest that Bedlingtons are daft (just because I have one that does a good impression of being daft on times!)