30 November 2010

Congratulations to Julie and Doehey Bedlingtons!

Sunday was a good day for us. Doehey Queen of hearts got another 1st and Best Bedlington Puppy at Manchester Sporting Terrier Doehey Heartstrings 2nd under Mr J Ashe. Rathsrigg Boudica got Best in Breed under same judge and Doehey Heartstrings got 1st any variety under Mr P Eardley’

Dot was going to put some photos on the Blog but unfortunately she wasn’t feeling too good. Hope she’s feeling much better now! This coming Sunday it’s Lancashire Sporting terrier where i believe there is quite a good entry and then the following Sunday LKA Hope to see everyone there, Regards Julie

Wow Julie what a fantastic day at Manchester Sporting Terrier. You must be thrilled to see your pups winning in the show ring! It is such a shame there are no photos but we hope Dot is feeling better, there are lots of heavy colds about!  The very best of luck Sunday at Lancashire Sporting Terrier, let’s hope there is no more snow forecasted for the North..   

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enid said...

Congratulations! Ecco is a very proud Dad!