05 November 2010

Dog News

Breeders concerned over Welsh Assembly proposals

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enid said...

We've been sent a questionare as part of the consultation process. Some of the proposals are quite unworkable but we do have a big problem in West Wales with puppy farming. Puppies are often kept in appalling conditions and not socialised or fed properly. They get around having puppies every time a bitch comes into season by only registering one litter a year.
Something has to be done to control the problem.

Polly said...
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Polly said...

I agree, something has to be done but I doubt making people who breed with care, responsibly and infrequently become licensed will help.

The big problem with this new legislation is that neither the Animal Welfare Act nor the earlier Breeding of Dogs Acts have been enforced by the councils concerned. What will change for the puppy farmers?

Since appropriate legislation is already in place, this to me, smacks of the WAG wanting to make it look as if they are doing a lot, while actually changing little. It would make more sense if they first passed legislation compelling Local Authorities to enforce existing laws.

Polly said...

Existing Relevant Laws here