26 November 2010

Happy Birthday Jasper!


Jasper is 10 years young today. He and Fosbury celebrated with their blog
pork pies. Jasper received a lovely card and a "Birthday Boy" badge that he
has worn all day - his friends were very jealous of him on his walk. Attached are some pictures of the boys enjoying Jasper’s birthday. All the best Martin and Julie



A very happy Birthday to young Jasper. How proud he looks in his birthday boy badge!  Jasper and Fosebury are very special blog boys as they are rescues and have a lovely forever home with Martin and Julie


patricia said...

Hi Jasper happy birthday, I hope I look that good when I am ten, I am only 6 at the moment, I am going to put my picture on soon. happy birthday to my brother parker love from larry lamb x x

k9 said...

Happy Birthday Jasper and all the best from Ian, Jazz and little Sapphire pups aka The K9 Marshal Crew

ed and rebecca said...

Happy birthday Jasper!!! The badge is great! Love from Ralphie and Hester xx

Trish said...

Happy Birthday Jasper!! You look great and I love your birthday badge. Smooches from Rose, Greyson, Willo, Amelia, Storey & Tricia!

enid said...

Happy birthday from the Pengerrig gang! Looks like you enjoyed the pork pie.

Mary said...

happy birthday - love mary (brenda and bridget) xxxx

Tina W said...

Happy Birthday Jasper-love your birthday boy badge!

Sarah and Tony said...

Happy Birthday, with love from Ed. Ossie, Jasper and Rosie

J&T said...

Belated Birthday Wishes Jasper!
Hope you enjoyed the pork pie.
Trevor & Jane xxx