20 November 2010

Hello From Sooty & Boy

Autumn woods 061
Well I tried my best to get some nice in focus pictures of my two enjoying themselves in the woods near where we live yesterday but it was enough of a job to capture one of them standing still for a minute let alone two together!  Sooty did his usual trick, which was disappear into the thick undergrowth (he may be old, almost completely deaf, and his persistent tickly cough is back, but he certainly seems to rediscover his “inner puppy” up the woods now autumn is here!) whilst Boy rang around like a mad thing!  Must work on my recall!  Andrea
Autumn woods 084
Thank you Andrea  looks like the rain has stopped in Wales! Lovely to hear that Sooty is having fun and enjoying his freedom in the woods .

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jacqueline said...

lovely photos - do we all have problems with recall? Merlin is not very food oriented so treats don't work very often(unless of course it is another dog walker who has them in their pocket then he stays with them jumping up and down to get their attention.) Oh joy.