21 November 2010

Hello From Tricia On Oracoke

The Rescue Girl Storey Hello Bloggers,
The weather here has gone back to spring!!  Clear blue skies, sunshine and warm temps....hard to believe it is late November.  This past week, Willo celebrated her 6th birthday on Friday and it sort of got lost in the shuffle, because that is the same day we all went off island to get Amelia FINALLY spayed.  I am surprised that she is doing as well as she is, because she is such the little princess and so touch sensitive, I though she would be after her sutures, but she hasn't.  Her appetite isn't completely back, but she is eating.   THEN yesterday, while I was fixing the dogs their breakfast, Storey always gets a bone out of the bone box and lays in the living room chewing on it while she waits.   I had to stop before I had the breakfast ready and go in the other room for something & I found Storey, with what I thought was her getting her paw stuck under her collar & chewing on it........I took her paw out of her mouth and she acted like she had something stuck in her mouth.....so I rolled her over to check.....there was something wedged up in the roof of her mouth & I though at first it was a tooth, it was really jammed in there and took some doing to get it out.  After I got it and examined it I realized it was a piece of plastic.....like the cover on a syringe.....sometimes they get dropped when the vet is here.  So after that I decided to have one last look to make sure there was nothing else there & I saw a tiny bit of white plastic, so I grabbed it and realized that it was the NEEDLE from the syringe!!!!!  It was imbedded in the roof of her mouth....bless her heart she allowed me to pull it out and she was fine!!!  Quite dramatic happenings for early in the morning!!  It has been a rough animal week here on the island.....someone's dog was going around killing cats, feral and pet cats......someone apparently poisoned this dog and it was found dead in my friends front yard.  Then my bosses 10 year old Corgi just died.....he wasn't sick or anything.  Very unexpected and very sad for the family.  We are down to 3 nights of work.....Wed, Fri & Sat.  This is a holiday week here in the US...Thanksgiving, so with the great weather the island should be fairly busy...Willo will get a chance to have her "Salmon Pie" tonight to have a belated celebration....she is such a sweetheart. Until next week.....

Tricia, Greyson, Rose ,Willo ,Amelia  & Storey (My Woofs in Sheeps Clothing)

Miss Amelia

Goodness Tricia, it was lucky you went into the other room when you did. No harm done but definitely a few very worrying minutes. How uncomfortable Storey must have been with that syringe and needle stuck in her mouth! Please to hear Amelia’s little op was a success  and Willo is having her special salmon pie birthday treat. A very happy 6th birthday from everyone on the blog!  Enjoy the lovely weather, very cold for us today and getting even colder with possible snow by the weekend.


ed and rebecca said...

Happy birthday Willo!

patricia said...

OMG!!!! WHAT A STORY,Willow happy birthday.

enid said...

Thank goodness you were at home toget the needle out.
Have a very happy Thanksgiving.

Trish said...

Happy to report that Amelia has done amazingly well after her spaying. I expected her to be very distressed with her incision but she has not attempted to touch it...I must say that I am VERY surprised!