07 November 2010

Introducing Merlin

I have sat on the fence for a very long time. I met Stuart Yearley at the Thame show a few years ago and he recommended the blog to me. It has since become a daily ritual to read everyone’s news and view all things "Bedlington".
I was lucky enough to have a very faithful Beddie friend to share my life with for very nearly 15 years, when I had to say goodbye I assured everyone that I would never have another as it was so painful to part with him...such is the nature of the Bedlington suffice to say it wasn't long until I had another special boy in my life.
I have decided to share a few pictures of my special friend, his name is Merlin and he is now 3 years old and a very special part of life. He keeps me active, makes me smile and is great company. The photos on the beach were taken in Northumberland earlier this year. Sitting at the table ready to eat his birthday tea and lazing in the garden shortly after he joined me and my family.
Hope these may be of interest, Merlin is one of the "pet" dogs who follow the blog with interest. Regards Jackie.
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Thank you Jackie It is always very devastating to say goodbye to a much loved pet, he will never be forgotten but Merlin is another chapter in the history of your life. Thank you so much for following our blog and now introducing us to your lovely boy. Although we cover the shows, rescue and pet bedlingtons are a very important part of the daily blog news. Do keep in touch and send us more photos and news very soon.     


Andrea from Neath said...

What a handsome new member of the bedlington "family" on this wonderful site! A warm welcome from Sooty and Boy.

Mary said...

hello Merlin and welcome - from Bridget and Brenda....

Trish said...

Thank you for posting on the blog Jackie. It is wonderful to meet Merlin, and by the way, I LOVE the name. I hope you keep sending more photos and keep us updated on all your adventures with Merlin. It is lovely to meet both of you.

Trish and the Girls from the USA

Tina W said...

Welcome Merlin-I had a cat named that!!


Hello Merlin

Have we met?? seem to remember your name for somewhere.

The Makems

k9 said...

A Big Hello and welcome to you Jackie and Merlin to the blog and we hope to see more of you both from Ian, Jazz and Sapphire (The K9 Marshal Crew)

ed and rebecca said...

Hiya Merlin, what a great name you have. That beach looks like fun, great for chasing. Which part of the country are you from? Woofs from Ralphie and Hester.

jacqueline said...

Hi everyone, thank you all for the lovley welcome.
Ed and Rebecca we are from down south in Hertfordshire - not many Bedlingtons in this part of the country!! Derek, I don't think we have met- would definitely remember meeting someone luck enough to own 3 beddlies!! Glad you like the name, his K.C. name has "wizard" in it so Merlin seemed the obvious choice.

enid said...

Welcome to the blog. Hope to see many more postings from you both.