30 November 2010

Just A Dusting In Shropshire!

Hello all, well what a week we've had this week looking at all the snow that they have had up north and in South Wales and our Billy not able to any Lamping. We have still been lucky here in North Shropshire we have only had 1/2 inch of snow at most. The morning after we had the covering of snow Jazz and Sapphire couldn't wait to go out for their daily walks .On Saturday morning we went around Colemere for a walk that takes usually takes an hour to do but it  took 1 1/2 hours for us because Jazz and Sapphire were having so much fun! On Sunday we went down to Sleap Airfield to see our friend Biggles and to walk the 3 miles around the p erimeter road, there were interesting  smells and loads of foot prints left by rabbits, the dogs  didn't know which way to turn! We were glad to get back to Biggles's hanger were we parked the car and get home for a nice hot cuppa tea. Although  both Jazz and Sapphire had their woolly jumpers and warm coats on they said their paws were a bit chilly.


the picture is of our Sapphire trying to get over a log after Jazz jumped it (i.e. she was chasing him playing) it was taken at Colemere, so for now it’s TTFN from The K9 Marshal Crew

Thank you Ian, we have only a dusting of snow in Oxfordshire but snow showers are expected today. Unfortunately I don’t think we will end up with enough snow to build a snow bedlington! 



Hello Ian

You have been lucky, still bouts of snow here today so doubt Wor Billy will be having another "lamping" less week.

The Makem

ed and rebecca said...

Did she make it over the log? Looks like fun!

k9 said...

Hi Ed and Rebecca
yes she did make it over the log and she chased Jazz all over the place by the time she got back to the car she was tired out, and so was Jazz bless them lol Ian

enid said...

Like the coats. Looks very cold.

Andrea from Neath said...

Lovely pic, has anyone got a pattern for a woolly jumper, my aunt has offered to knit one for Boy as she feels sorry for him!