12 November 2010

Update On Margaret

Just been speaking to Margaret Mason who I mentioned in our last report doing a 500 mile sponsored walk with her two dogs in aid of Leukaemia Research.. she is north of Audlum which is just passed Market Drayton in the corner of North East Shropshire.  She will join the Shropshire Union Canal and head south and then join up with the Staffs and Worcs canal heading south. Apart from a few blisters on her feet she is feeling ok and doing and well as for her two dogs they are going great guns! While we were talking on the phone they were barking hello to us.
As for Jazz and little Sapphire we have had a quiet week so far with a trip up to the Liverpool John Lennon Airport to drop Mum and Brian off (lucky things they flew out to Portugal). When they flew over Ellesmere I thought they were complaining that their arms ached (HA HA).  I took the Co Crew out for their daily adventures before we had our teas and went dog training and yes Jazz Man was acting the clown again which made everyone laugh out loud and Sapphire was a proper little terror trying to play with everyone before we did our bit.  We will keep you all updated on Margaret on her walk from now till the end of January when she hopes to finish back in Llangollen From Ian, Jazz and Sapphire
Thank you Ian, poor Margaret could not have chosen a worse time of year for walking. Do keep us updated on her progress.

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