21 November 2010

Mark Wins The Cuddly Toys And More!

A few of us up here in the cold North East went out to warm the cockles of our hearts on Friday night.  It was one of the local dog clubs annual diner dances at Bowburn Hall just outside of Durham.  I think we all enjoyed the night, certainly a nice meal and liquid refreshments from the private cellar LOL.


The Janmarks had another winning night with the raffle, don't know why anyone else bothers to buy the tickets, cuddly toys and the big prize of the night. Derek & Eileen


Thank you Derek, now I see why Eileen has been learning the “Zoomba” I saw a glimpse on TV what this dance entails, certainly loads of fast hip movements! I hope you all had a wonderful time, love the toys Mark but what was in the envelope? 

1 comment:

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

It was a night for 2 at Bowburn hotel, bed & breakfast.

p.s. 54 bedlingtons entered at LKA