23 November 2010

A Massage For Jazz and Sapphire


Hello Bloggers,  Its been a funny sort of a week for the K9 Marshal Crew, our usual paths where we walk all soggy and the fallen leaves going on the paths making them slippery, Jazz and Sapphire have been trying out their four paw drives out to great effect! On Wednesday they had a trip up to Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport to pick Mum and Brian up after a week in Portugal. When. Jazz and Sapphire saw them they when wild, they were so pleased to see them! After 5 minutes they were doing a search of the cases and pockets for any presents Mum and Brian had brought back for them.

On Saturday while Mum and Brian went to see Olive Stones the dogs and I went for a nice walk from the wharf to Colemere and back a distance of 9.5 miles. On Sunday Mum, Jazz, Sapphire and I went over to Telford on a Tellington Touch course and after five or so minutes the dogs where lying on their backs with their paws in the air totally relaxed and enjoying the massage and we all enjoyed the day.  This Thursday (25th November)  we will be celebrating Sapphires 2nd anniversary of being with us, bless her.She has achieved so much in just two years, not only are we happy with her but her little tail hasn't stopped wagging since she came to us. so for now its bye bye from Ian, Jazz And Sapphire pups ( AKA The K9 Marshal Crew)


Thank you Ian, hope Brian and Carmel enjoyed their break, they certainly deserve it after a full summer at the shows with “Dorwest Herbs”.  How lovely to go on a Tellington Touch  course. I know  It is a gentle and innovative teaching method that the dogs warm to. Hope Sapphire has a special day on Wednesday she certainly has come a long way since joining the family.  


Trish said...

I have read several of the Tellington T Touch books....it worked really well for Storey when I first got her & it works great with the dogs that come to see the vet and need to be settled down a bit. It helps them relax & often times end up laying down too....the owners are amazed at how it calms their dogs.

patricia said...

I bought some garlic and fenugreek and vegtable tablets from dorwest, it has really calmed his skin down, i also changed his dry to Harrington, he hardly scratches now.

enid said...

Sounds great. I will have to read up about Tellington Touch. I'm sure larry would benefit from it.