08 November 2010

Meet Elsie

Been another lovely sunny day here in the North East, Gods Country.  So took the gang down to the beach at Roker & Seaburn.  We met a new fan for the blog.


This is Elsie who lives in the Roker area of Sunderland.  She's just over a year old and is another customer of Diane's "Millionhairs" grooming parlour, Ups! another plug. Wor Billy that's two pints you owe me now.  Hopefully we will be seeing more pictures and chat from Elsie's  boss. The Makems


Thank you Derek. Hello Elsie and welcome to the blog, Do write send me some more photos and tell us a little bit about yourself.  We are so lucky to have two new blog followers this week. A diary date for everyone next year is the Bedlington Fun Day on July 16 near Banbury in Oxfordshire run next year by the Midland Bedlington Terrier Club. Come for the day or camp for the weekend at the venue and join in a weekend of Bedlington activities! The event is for bedlingtons and their friends whatever their breed or type.



Weather forecast for 14th-16th July 2011.

It's going to be sunshine all round with "barmy" nights for the camping/caravan bloggers to enjoy their G & Ts.

As for "Barmy" you can either take it as we do up here in the NE, daft/mad or as you folk in the souf probably mean "Clammy".

The Makem

Mary said...

Hi Derek - maybe we should have a north/south competition of some sort - any suggestions?

the dates are in my diary and hope that i can persuage 'im indoors' to buy a camper van before then????

Trish said...

Welcome to the blog. How exciting to have so many new visitors!! Hope to see more of you and Elsie here.

enid said...

Welcome to the blog. I'm sure you'll enjoy following the adventures of the Makems!

Andrea from Neath said...

Hello Elsie and welcome to the blog