15 November 2010

Misty & Bailey- Jay

Hi everyone, these were taken of Misty & Bailey-Jay at the beginning of last month it is so difficult to get them both to look at the camera together they usually look like a couple of bookends looking in opposite directions Linda Dunn Edwards

4th Oct 2010 Hills (2)

4th Oct 2010 Hills

7th Oct 2010 Helmsley monument (12)

7th Oct 2010 Helmsley monument

Thank you Linda lovely photos of your boys!


k9 said...

What fantastic pictures of Misty and Bailey-jay and on a sunny day from The K9 Marshal Crew


I'll second that Ian, lovely pictures, lovely dogs.

The Makem

jacqueline said...

Great photos.Particularly like the one with the autumn leaves and sunshine

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Great photos Linda, keep them coming. The dogs look fantastic, loving Baileys heads! He looks so mature for a 6 month old.