11 November 2010

Mummy’s Boy!

dummy dog 005

Hi to you Lesley and to all bloggers, i had to send you a couple of pics of Archie with a babies dummy which he found on a recent stroll, he carried the dummy all the way home, much to the amusement of all that saw him and has played with it most days since. It does go to show that they must be quite well made (the dummy that is :))as  he normally shreds just about any toy. Regards Paul Hooper & family Gloucestershire. And a big hi to Paula, and family in South Wales.

dummy dog 004

Thank you Paul, how cute is that! I wonder if there are any other bedlingtons with their own comforters?


bill said...

i have this video in my favorites on you tube,it has to be one of the best bedlington vids on there (apart from mine)


Trish said...

OMG!!! I laughed out loud when I saw these photos.....how cute.

Polly said...

Hi Paul,

Love the photos he looks so cute, it just goes to show he's just a big baby really LOL

enid said...

All big babies at heart. I'm going to look it up on UTUBE.

k9 said...

Hello little Archie
you are such a cute little Mommys boy (Just like jazz) lol The K9 Marshal Crew

patricia said...

I am glad its blue and not pink x

Andrea from Neath said...

What a star! My sister has a oversized whippet who has a comfort blanket that he sucks on!