05 November 2010

News And Photos

I opened my in box this morning and no blog emails from anyone! if you can help that would be great. I really enjoyed the Pathe video clips and researching Ida Sills. Ida Sills died in 1999 and (Ch Vistablu Nelson Touch) died 1997 (Thanks to Viv for the info). I don’t  have any information of open shows this weekend with classes. Coventry Canine  Association  are holding an open show at the Sports Conexion on Sunday just AVNSC for us.

Christmas is just round the corner and once again hoping to raise some money for rescue, We will be auctioning some very special items on the blog.  Forget writing all those cards, Save time  and postage as you will be able to post your Christmas greeting on a special greetings page for a £10 donation to rescue. Many people look the blog every day with 514 hits just for last Monday! If you have any ideas to help raise money for rescue drop me a line That’s all for now.


Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Its Yorkshire Sporting Terrier Show this weekend at Doncaster.
I believe an entry of 17 bedlingtons.

enid said...

I'll be using the blog to send Christmas greetings this year. It's a great idea.

Trish said...

I would LOVE to be able to send Christmas greetings on the blog....imagine the funds that could be raised!!! What a fabulous idea!