10 November 2010

Note From Julie

Please  could you just mention on your blog that Doehey Heartstrings (Lloyd) got 2nd in the Variety class at the Yorkshire Sporting Terrier show under Peter Bakewell. And congratulations to Dot who got 2nd at Wigan with Doehey Queen of Hearts (Polly). Also to Christine Mills who got highly commended at Yorkshire with Doehey Heart and soul (Acer) under Christine Worrall. It was good to see half the litter being shown just 3 days after they were 6 months old thanks Regards Julie

Thank you Julie well done to all the pups. It is great to see the next generation of pups being so successful at the start of their show careers!


enid said...

Congratulations to all the pups on their first shows.

bill said...

well done the Doehey's

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

It was good to see them at their first shows, they appeared to enjoy the experience. Good luck for the future!