23 November 2010

Polly Wins Best AVNSC Puppy

Polly had a good week last week.  Tuesday was the bronze class in which she was a star. Thursday she had her first obedience lesson with Audrey Whittaker who comes about every 3 weeks to the DTC.  Polly did very well and Audrey has great hopes for her as she picks up things very quickly. To round off the week the pup had 1st in the AVNSC minor puppy at Burnley open show.  She has the looks as well as the brains.  Not to forget Dora who I had entered into the Pre beginners the Sunday before.  After months of training she completed the round with NO sniffing and got full marks for her recall.  The heelwork was good but still a bit wide but we have plenty of time for improvement.  Rupert is Rupert and enjoys life.Regards Dot

Thank you Dot, Polly and Dora are a credit to the you and the breed proving that bedlingtons are capable of being successful in obedience as well as the show ring! Congratulations for Polly for her win in the puppy showing class sat Burnley. Keep up the obedience training, well done on Dora’s perfect recall it is great when the penny drops and everything come together!.   


enid said...

Well done Polly. is she going to LKA?

Lesley 2 said...

Enid, note from Dot to say Polly is entered LKA.