27 November 2010

Puppies In Israel


I know it is not easy to find good puppy buyers here in Israel. So Les, if you know of anyone that wants some nice Bedlington pups, especially for show homes, please let them know about our litter. (not actually mine, but I am helping the other breeder)
I know it is very difficult to get pups from Israel to UK, but not impossible. It is easy to take the pups to the rest of Europe. Anyway, if you know of anything....:)) I am attaching a few newer pics of the pups.  Enjoy!! Hessel



Thank you  Hessel what beautiful babies, I am sure if they had been in this country they would have lovely homes waiting. For those reading this reply do drop into Hessel’s website (Holy Lamb Bedlingtons) you will find the link in the index column.



Hello Hessel

Nice pups, your web site is looking good. Sooooo folks take a look it's worth it.

The Makem

Hessel said...

Thanks so much to Derek and Eileen for the compliments. :) BTW, if anyone visits my site, you can see photos of my trip in the North East and to the town of Bedlington, tour guide was Derek Lewis...thanks so much Makems :)
And Les, thanks so so much for putting the pics of the pups on your site. I never seem to manage to post here, not often enough, even now, I am writing this the third time, because it didn't appear for some reason. Crossing fingers it will work now. So thanks for helping out. I really appreciate it all. And for adding the link to my website again :)
Best Regards to all,

Hessel said...

Wow, did it!! third time lucky :)

Lesley 2 said...

Fantastic Hessel, do write again soon,we always love to have photos and / or news from our overseas friends.
Send any news / photos to me and I will upload them to the blog.
Best wishes to you and enjoy the warm sunshine, freezing here again today!

Hessel said...

Thanks Les,
Yes, we are having a very hot winter..very strange actually because usually much cooler here in November. Hasn't rained at all and been hot like summer. I think they say it is the dryest November since 1920's.
Well, I much prefer the winter weather. I know how you guys usually prefer the sunny weather..so remember, you always have a place to stay if you come here on holiday :)